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Most Recently Released Items

Tsypin, Mikhail; Cacace, Mauro; Guse, Björn; Güntner, A. ...
This study investigates the decades-long evolution of groundwater dynamics and thermal field in the North German Basin beneath Brandenburg (NE German...
Kvas, A.; Boergens, Eva; Dobslaw, Henryk; Eicker, A. ...
More than 20 yr of measurement data of the gravity missions GRACE (Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment) and GRACE-FO (GRACE-Follow-On) allow deta...
Senger, Kim; Betlem, Peter; Helland-Hansen, Anniken; Horota, Rafael Kenji ...
The Woodfjorden area of northern Spitsbergen (NW Svalbard) offers access to the world’s northernmost onshore thermal springs, extinct Pleistocene al...
Trautmann, Tina; Koirala, Sujan; Güntner, A.; Kim, Hyungjun ...
Although river water storage contributes to Total Terrestrial Water Storage (TWS) variations obtained from GRACE satellite gravimetry, it is unclear ...