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Deng, Kai; Yang, Shouye; von Blanckenburg, F.; Wittmann, H.
The novel 10Be (meteoric)/9Be system, where 10Be is delivered by precipitation and stable 9Be is released by weathering, provides denudation rates ov...
Stuff, Maria; Wilke, M.; Franz, Gerhard; Weyer, Stefan
Carbonatite magmatism is a highly efficient transport mechanism from Earth’s mantle to the crust, thus providing insights into the chemistry and dyna...
Cardoso-Fernandes, Joana; Teodoro, Ana Cláudia; Lima, Alexandre; Mielke, Christian ...
Raw-materials like lithium (Li) are crucial to the current global decarbonization, but Li-exploration presents some technical challenges. Therefore, ...
Sakic, P.; Chupin, Clémence; Ballu, Valérie; Coulombier, Thibault ...
Precise underwater geodetic positioning remains a challenge. Measurements combining surface positioning (GNSS) with underwater acoustic positioning a...