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Most Recently Released Items

Beulig, F.; Schubert, Florian; Adhikari, R. R.; Glombitza, C. ...
A fourth of the global seabed sediment volume is buried at depths where temperatures exceed 80 °C, a previously proposed thermal barrier for life in ...
Buckel, Johannes; Reinosch, Eike; Voigtländer, Anne; Dietze, Michael ...
Rock glaciers are receiving increased attention as a potential source of water and indicator of climate change in periglacial landscapes. They consis...
Kimura, Masaya; Kame, Nobuki; Watada, Shingo; Araya, Akito ...
Dynamic earthquake rupture causes mass redistribution around the fault, and the emitted propagating seismic waves are accompanied by bulk density per...
Diao, Faqi; Wang, R.; Zhu, Yage; Xiong, Xiong
Based on a viscoelastic earthquake‐cycle deformation model, we revisit the fault locking of the central Himalayan thrust using geodetic data acquired...