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Blanke, Aglaja; Kwiatek, G.; Göbel, Thomas; Bohnhoff, M. ...
Earthquake source parameters such as seismic stress drop and corner frequency are observed to vary widely, leading to persistent discussion on potent...
Koerting, Friederike; Altenberger, U.; Nikolakopoulos, Konstantinos ; Rogass, C.
This work develops hybrid methods of imaging spectroscopy for open pit mining and examines their feasibility compared with state-of-the-art. The mat...
Kwiecien, Ola; Braun, Tobias; Brunello, Camilla Francesca; Faulkner, Patrick ...
The role of seasonality is indisputable in climate and ecosystem dynamics. Seasonal temperature and precipitation variability are of vital importance...
Melchert, Jan Olaf; Wischhöfer, Phillip; Knoblauch, Christian; Eckhardt, Tim ...
The release of greenhouse gases from the large organic carbon stock in permafrost deposits in the circumarctic regions may accelerate global warming ...