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Liu, Lian; Ma, Yaoming
Snow albedo is an essential factor in the land surface energy balance and the water cycle. It is usually parameterized as functions of snow-related v...
Rani, Hari Ponnamma; Das, Mrittika; Jozef, Brestensky; Enrico, Filippi
The influence of anisotropic diffusive coefficients on the stability of the horizontal fluid planar layer, rotating about vertical axis, and permeate...
Tian, Xiaobo; Tan, Shunjia; Yu, Changqing
The continental collision between the Indian and Eurasian plates in the Cenozoic not only produced the Tibetan Plateau (TP) but also pushed a large v...
McEwen, Alfred
Jupiter’s large moon Io is intensely tidally heated and is covered by >100 very active volcanic centers (greater than Kilauea’s average heat flow)...