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Zweifel, Roman; Pappas, Christoforos; Peters, Richard L.; Babst, Flurin ...
Forests account for nearly 90 % of the world's terrestrial biomass in the form of carbon and they support 80 % of the global biodiversity. To underst...
Magnúsdóttir, Stefanía; Saraiva, Joao Pedro; Bartholomäus, Alexander; Soheili, Majid ...
Every year, millions of deaths are associated with the increased spread of antimicrobial resistance genes (ARGs) in bacteria. With the increasing urb...
Saraiva, Joao Pedro; Bartholomäus, Alexander; Toscan, Rodolfo Brizola; Baldrian, Petr ...
As most eukaryotic genomes are yet to be sequenced, the mechanisms underlying their contribution to different ecosystem processes remain untapped. Al...
Banerjee, Abhirup; Kemter, Matthias; Goswami, Bedartha; Merz, B. ...
Extreme precipitation events have a significant impact on life and property. The U.S. experiences huge economic losses due to severe floods caused by...