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Jamalreyhani, M.; Hatami, A.; Hassanzadeh, M.; Buyukakpinar, Pinar
Tehran stands as one of the most earthquake-prone cities globally. This vast urban center, with a population exceeding 10 million, is intersected by ...
Witzgall, K.; Steiner, F. A.; Hesse, B. D.; Riveras-Muñoz, N. ...
In dryland ecosystems, typically characterized by sparse vegetation and nutrient scarcity, pioneer plants exert a critical role in the build-up of so...
Bindi, Luca; Biagioni, Cristian; Förster, H.-J.; Adelmann, Holger Georg
Dijkstra, A. H.; Bakker, W. H.; Deon, Fiorenza; Marcatelli, C. ...
To support the role of proximal and remote sensing in geological rare earth element (REE) resource exploration, we studied the reflectance spectrosco...