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Rogers, H. H.; Beggan, Ciaran; Whaler, Kathryn
Spherical Slepian functions (or ‘Slepian functions’) are mathematical functions which can be used to decompose potential fields, as represented by s...
Hildebrand, Justus Constantin; Koellner, Nicole; Kästner, Friederike; Koerting, Friederike ...
This data publication presents data from a solaroptical spectral investigation in the area of the Rammelsberg non-ferrous metal mine in the Harz Moun...
Molkenthin, Christian; Donner, Christian; Reich, Sebastian; Zöller, Gert ...
The spatio-temporal epidemic type aftershock sequence (ETAS) model is widely used to describe the self-exciting nature of earthquake occurrences. Whi...
López-Sánchez, Carolina; Buforn, Elisa; Cesca, Simone; Lozano, Lucía ...
A striking feature of the seismicity in the Ibero-Maghrebian region is a narrow band of intermediate-depth earthquakes (50 < h < 100 km) beneath the ...