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Most Recently Released Items

Serghiou, George; Odling, Nicholas; Reichmann, Hans-Josef; Ji, Gang ...
Multi-anvil and laser-heated diamond anvil methods are used to subject Ge and Si mixtures to pressures and temperatures of between 12 and 17 GPa and ...
Thomas, R.; Davidson, Paul; Rericha, Adolf; Veksler, Ilya
With a homogenization experiment (700°C, 2 kbar) on melt inclusions in polished thick sections of emeralds from the Habachtal, it could be demonstrat...
Huang, Pingping; Sulzbach, Roman; Tanaka, Yoshiyuki; Klemann, V. ...
Surface displacements and self-attraction and loading (SAL) elevation induced by ocean tides are known to be affected by material properties of the s...
Deng, Qinglin; Blöcher, G.; Cacace, Mauro; Schmittbuhl, Jean
We investigate the impact of closing a fracture with rough surfaces on the fracture hydraulic diffusivity, which controls the spatiotemporal evolutio...