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Angiboust, Samuel; Ioannidi, Paraskevi Io; Muldashev, Iskander
A paradox exists between the great number of intermediate-depth earthquakes occurring along active subduction interfaces worldwide and the extreme sc...
Dahm, T.; Isken, Marius Paul; Milkereit, C.; Mikulla, Stefan ...
The Eifel Large-N Seismic Network is a concentric network of about 80km aperture around the Laacher See. Instrumentation consists of broad band seism...
Mendler, Alexander; Rada Erazo, Juan David; Ismael, Mohamed; Ezzy, Mostafa ...
The Hatshepsut temple in Egypt is a masterpiece of ancient architecture. Just as distinct as the temple itself is the rock formation it is carved int...
Yuan, Guanghui; Jin, Zihao; Cao, Yingchang; Schulz, H.-M. ...
Organic-inorganic interactions regulate the dynamics of hydrocarbons, water, minerals, CO2, and H2 in thermal rocks, yet their initiation remains deb...