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von Blanckenburg, F.; Bouchez, Julien; Willenbring, Jane K.; Ibarra, Daniel E. ...
Lipus, Martin Peter; Kranz, S.; Reinsch, Thomas; Cunow, Christian ...
The understanding and precise prediction of fluid and solid displacement is of great interest in many technical applications. Density and viscosity a...
Rout, D; Singh, Ram; Pandey, K.; Pant, T. K. ...
The responses of two High-Intensity Long-Duration Continuous AE Activity (HILDCAA) events are investigated using solar wind observations at L1, magne...
Wang, Fengjue; Lühr, H.; Xiong, Chao; Zhou, Yunliang
Ionospheric currents have widely been investigated by using magnetic measurements from low-Earth orbiting satellites. However, the assumptions of der...