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Adavi, Zohreh; Moeller, Gregor; Weber, Robert
GNSS tropospheric tomography is a striking remote-sensing tool to monitor the spatiotemporal behaviour of the troposphere, specifically of highly var...
González-Herrero, Sergi; Navarro, Francisco; Pertierra, Luis; Oliva, Marc ...
The position of the near-surface zero isotherm (ZIL) plays a key role in many physical and biological processes in the polar regions. Some of the pro...
Prabhakaran, Thara
Authors: CAIPEEX Team <br><br>The demands for more effective methods to increase precipitation over arid regions of India have been increasing over t...
Grayver, Alexander; Laundal, Karl; Finlay, Chris
A major source of time-varying magnetic fields are external ionosphere-magnetosphere currents and associated fields induced in subsurface and oceans....