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Kuras, Agnieszka; Brell, Maximilian; Rizzi, Jonathan; Burud, Ingunn
Rapid technological advances in airborne hyperspectral and lidar systems paved the way for using machine learning algorithms to map urban environment...
Crespo-Martin, C.; Martin-Gonzalez, F.; Yazdi, P.; Hainzl, S. ...
The Sarria-Triacastela-Becerreá seismicity is located in an intraplate region considered seismically stable, but in 1995 started an unprecedented ear...
Silverii, Francesca; Maccaferri, F.; Richter, Gudrun; Gonzalez Cansado, B. ...
Natural gas can be temporarily stored in a variety of underground facilities, such as depleted gas and oil fields, natural aquifers and caverns in sa...
ZHANG, TUO; Sens-Schönfelder, C.; Margerin, L.
Scattered seismic coda waves are frequently used to characterize small scale medium heterogeneities, intrinsic attenuation or temporal changes of wav...