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Gabriel, Alice-Agnes; Ulrich, Thomas; Marchandon, Mathilde; Biemiller, James ...
The 2023 Turkey earthquake sequence involved unexpected ruptures across numerous fault segments. We present 3D dynamic rupture simulations to illumi...
Jalayer, Fatemeh; Ebrahimian, Hossein; Trevlopoulos, Konstantinos; Bradley, Brendon
The present work proposes a simulation-based Bayesian method for parameter estimation and fragility model selection for mutually exclusive and coll...
Jia, Zhe; Jin, Zeyu; Marchandon, Mathilde; Ulrich, Thomas ...
The destructive 2023 moment magnitude (Mw) 7.8-7.7 earthquake doublet ruptured multiple segments of the East Anatolian Fault system in Turkey. We in...
Krenz, Lukas; Wolf, Sebastian; Hillers, Gregor; Gabriel, Alice-Agnes ...
Seismic waves can couplewith the atmosphere and generate sound waves. The influence of faulting mechanisms on earthquake sound patterns provides opp...