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Ji, Yinlin; Hofmann, Hannes; Duan, Kang; Zang, A.
Induced seismicity associated with fluid injection into underground formations jeopardizes the sustainable utilization of the subsurface. Understandi...
Wilhelm, B.; Rapuc, W.; Amann, B.; Anselmetti, F. S. ...
Flooding is a pervasive natural hazard—costly in both human and economic terms—and climate change will probably exacerbate risks around the world. Mo...
Bunk, K.; Alencar, I.; Morgenroth, W.; Bertram, F. ...
The effects of ion irradiation on the surface and the subsurface of synthetic diamonds were characterized by using optical microscopy, atomic force m...
Kinsley, Christopher W.; Bradtmiller, Louisa I.; McGee, David; Galgay, Michael ...
Reconstructions of aeolian dust flux to West African margin sediments can be used to explore changing atmospheric circulation and hydroclimate over N...