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Chabab [Tillner], E.; Kempka, T.
The Mallik Anticline is a geologic structure in the Mackenzie Delta in the Canadian Arctic. Tectonics throughout the Cenozoic, with compressional ph...
Pandey, Dhananjai; Tiwari, Virendra Mani; Steinberger, B.
The geoid is an equipotential surface that broadly mimics the mean sea level. The difference between the geoid and the reference spheroid at any loca...
Nigussie, Wubamlak; Mickus, Kevin; Keir, Derek; Alemu, Abera ...
In magma-rich continental rifts, extension is commonly localized as dike injection in discrete magmatic segments which appear from surface geology to...
Raut, Shrishail; Heinkelmann, R.; Modiri, Sadegh; Belda, Santiago ...
This work focuses on the assessment of UT1-UTC estimates from various types of sessions during the CONT17 campaign. We chose the CONT17 campaign as i...