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Kutzschbach, Martin; Dunkel, Frederik; Kusebauch, C.; Schiperski, Ferry ...
Pyrite is a ubiquitous sulfide mineral found in diverse geological settings and holds great significance in the formation of Au deposits as well as t...
Rasche, Daniel; Weimar, Jannis; Schrön, Martin; Köhli, Markus ...
Above-ground cosmic-ray neutron sensing (CRNS) allows for the non-invasive estimation of the field-scale soil moisture content in the upper decimetre...
Kearney, Rebecca; Schwab, M. J.; Redant, Daniel Aaron; Neugebauer, I. ...
Robust chronologies and time equivalent tephra markers are essential to better understand spatial palaeoenvironmental response to past abrupt climati...
Liu, Yongchao; Schmidt, C.; Li, Jiankang; Wang, Denghong ...
Important features of Sn mineralization are the heterogeneous geographic distribution and frequent regional separation from W mineralization in spit...