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Esefelder, Roman; Wawerzinek, Britta; Lueth, S.; Giese, R. ...
Seismic anisotropy and attenuation make claystone formations difficult to characterize. On the other hand, in many geotechnical environments, precise...
Rybacki, Erik; Niu, Lu; Evan, B.
Semi-brittle flow occurs when crystal plasticity and cataclastic mechanisms operate concurrently and may be common at mid-levels of the Earth’s crust...
Rugenstein, Jeremy K. Caves; Ibarra, Daniel E.; Zhang, Shuang; Planavsky, Noah J. ...
Luo, Yantao; Long, Maureen D.; Karabinos, Paul; Kuiper, Yvette D. ...
Southern New England exhibits diverse geologic features resulting from past tectonic events. These include Proterozoic and early Paleozoic Laurentian...