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Kassa, Muluken; Alemu, Abera; Muluneh, Ameha A.
We use the complete Bouguer anomaly (CBA) derived from GGMplus 2013 to model the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary (LAB) depth, LAB temperature, lit...
Muhabaw, Yoseph; Muluneh, Ameha A.; Nugsse, Kahsay; Gebru, Ermias Filfilu ...
One-hundred-seventy oriented paleomagnetic core samples from 23 sites were collected from volcanic lava flows belonging to the Nazareth Group (1.7–1....
Hampl, Ferdinand J.; Schiperski, Ferry; Byrne, James M.; Schwerdhelm, Christopher ...
Weathering is a fundamental process that controls the development of Earth's surface by the formation of erodible material and the release of mineral...
Keppler, Hans; Cialdella, Laura; Couffignal, F.; Wiedenbeck, Michael
The solubility of N2 in basaltic (MORB) and haplogranitic melts was studied at oxidizing conditions (oxygen fugacity about two log units above the Ni...