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Yu, Youqiang; Tilmann, Frederik; Zhao, Dapeng; Gao, Stephen S. ...
To explore the dynamic mechanism of continental rifting within a convergent setting, we determine the first P wave radial anisotropic tomography bene...
Wu, Shanshan; Yu, Youqiang; Yang, Ting; Xue, Mei ...
The collision between the Indian and Eurasian plates promotes the southeastward extrusion of the Indochina Peninsula while the internal dynamics of i...
Jiao, Ruohong; Braun, Jean; Delaunay, Antoine; Robin, Cécile ...
We present a study to estimate the large-scale landscape history of a continental margin, by establishing a source-to-sink volume balance between the...
Ben-Zion, Yehuda; Beroza, Gregory C.; Bohnhoff, M.; Gabriel, Alice-Agnes ...