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Rajaram, Harihar; Aiyyer, Anantha; Camargo, Suzana; Cappa, Christopher D. ...
On behalf of the journal, AGU, and the scientific community, the editors of Geophysical Research Letters would like to sincerely thank those who revi...
Arsenović, Pavle; Rozanov, Eugene; Usoskin, Ilya; Turney, Chris ...
Solar particle events (SPEs) are short-lived bursts of high-energy particles from the solar atmosphere and are widely recognized as posing significan...
Antokoletz, Ezequiel D.; Wziontek, Hartmut; Klügel, Thomas; Balidakis, K. ...
The Atmospheric attraction computation service (Atmacs) of BKG provides atmospheric corrections for terrestrial high-precision gravity measurements b...
Fenton, Cassandra; Niedermann, Samuel; Dunai, Tibor
The formally named SP lava flow is a quartz-, olivine- and pyroxene-bearing basalt flow that is preserved in the desert climate of northern Arizona, ...