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Arras, Christina; Wickert, J.; Sais, Isabelle
GNSS radio occultation measurements are used to observe the occurrence and the intensity of sporadic E layers on a global scale. We analysed data acq...
Roda-Boluda, Duna C.; Schildgen, Taylor; Wittmann, H.; Tofelde, Stefanie ...
Examining the links and potential feedbacks between tectonics and climate requires understanding the processes and variables controlling erosion. At ...
Ledoux, Estelle E.; Saki, Morvarid; Gay, Jeffrey P.; Krug, Matthias ...
Wadsleyite is the dominant mineral of the upper portion of the Earth's mantle transition zone (MTZ). As such, understanding plastic deformation of wa...
Avila Santos, Anderson Paulo; Kabiru Nata’ala, Muhammad; Kasmanas, Jonas Coelho; Bartholomäus, Alexander ...
Metagenomic data can shed light on animal-microbiome relationships and the functional potential of these communities. Over the past years, the genera...