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Nguyen Thai, Chinh; Schuh, H.; Alizadeh, Mahdi; Tsai, Lung-Chih
The ionosphere is a complex and highly variable physical system with the F-layer, which occupies at the highest altitude, contains the greatest conce...
Kück, Jochem; Conze, Ronald; Bram, Kurt; Draxler, Hans ...
This report describes the KTB Borehole Measurements Data of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program (Kontinentales Tiefbohrprogramm der Bundesr...
Gonzalez Garcia, H; Francke, H.; Sass, Ingo; Huenges, E.
Production data from the Los Humeros geothermal field in Mexico are used to develop a forecast method for operation of the field in the future. This ...