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Macdonald, Elena; Merz, B.; Ullrich, Sophie; Lüdtke, Stefan ...
The dataset comprises a range of variables describing characteristics of flood events and river catchments for 480 gauging stations in Germany and Au...
Dietze, Michael; Kreutzer, Sebastian
sandbox is an R-tool for probabilistic numerical modelling of sediment properties. A flexible framework for definition and application of time/depth-...
Ryberg, T.; Haberland, C.; Overduin, Paul; Cable, William
This dataset contains subaquatic passive seismic recordings taken in September 2021 at 88 locations off Tuktoyaktuk Island as well as in a small lake...
Leins, Alessio; Vieth-Hillebrand, A.; Bregnard, Danaé; Günther, K. ...
This data was collected to write an extensive review on organic compounds in geothermal fluids as part of the REFLECT (Redefining geothermal fluid pr...