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Harlov, D. E.; Dunkley, Daniel J.; Hansen, Edward C.; Ishwar-Kumar, C. ...
Systematic changes in whole-rock chemistry, mineralogy, mineral textures, and mineral chemistry are seen along a ca. 95-km traverse of late Archean g...
Dransch, D.; Eggert, Daniel; Abraham, Nicola; Bouwer, Laurens M. ...
Geoscientific data analysis has to face some challenges regarding seamless data analysis chains, reuse of methods and tools, interdisciplinary approa...
Kallmeyer, J.; Nomosatryo, Sulung; Tjallingii, Rik; Henny, Cynthia ...
Tropical Lake Sentani in the Indonesian Province Papua consists of four separate basins and is surrounded by a catchment with a very diverse geology....