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Masolele, Robert N.; De Sy, Veronique; Marcos, Diego; Verbesselt, Jan ...
National-scale assessments of post-deforestation land-use are crucial for decreasing deforestation and forest degradation-related emissions. In this ...
Lipus, Daniel; Zeyu, Jia; Bartholomäus, Alexander; Burckhardt, Oliver ...
A circular, single-contig Methanobacterium sp. metagenome-assembled genome (MAG) was recovered from high-CO2 enrichments inoculated with drill core m...
Hennig, Theresa; Kühn, M.
Safety of a nuclear waste repository is based to a large extent on the isolation of the radioactive waste within a suitable host rock. Clay rocks pro...
Kempka, T.; Nakaten, Natalie; Chabab [Tillner], E.; Gemeni, Vasiliki ...
ODYSSEUS is an R&D project initiated in 2019 and funded by the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel. The project partners from the European coal...