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Vu, Ngoc Quang; Nhung, Le; Luong, Ngoc Dung
Analysis and identifying the displacement characteristics play a key role in timely monitoring and detecting the physical responses of the bridge to ...
Luong, Thanh Thach; Nguyen, An Dinh; Nguyen, Dinh Hai; Tran, Van Hai ...
The mean sea surface in different regions is non-equipotential, rendering Vietnam’s traditional approach, which relies on the Hon-Dau tide gauge sta...
Knight, Alasdair C. G.; Stevenson, Emily; Bridgestock, Luke; Jotautas Baronas, J. ...
Common environmental adsorbents (clay minerals, metal-oxides, metal-oxyhydroxides and organic matter) can significantly impact the chemistry of aqueo...
Nicklas, Robert W.; Day, James M. D.; Trumbull, R.; Rangwalla, Haider ...
Large igneous provinces (LIP) are vast (0.2 to >1 Mkm3) outpourings of basaltic lava and voluminous intrusions of magmas that have had important envi...