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Most Recently Released Items

von Specht, S.
Accelerograms are the primary source for characterizing strong ground motion. It is therefore of paramount interest to have high‐quality recordings f...
Martinez Garzon, P.; Heidbach, O.; Bohnhoff, M.
Mapping the contemporary stress field of the Mediterranean provides fundamental insights on the complexity of plate tectonic forces throughout the re...
Zhu, Chuanbin; Pilz, M.; Cotton, Fabrice
This study aims to identify the best-performing site characterization proxy alternative and complementary to the conventional 30 m average shear-wave...
Zwaan, Frank; Pilz, Peter; Niedermann, Samuel; Zimmer, Martin ...
This data set contains the results from a 2023 GFZ Innovative Research Expedition project to explore for natural hydrogen gas (H2) occurrences in the...