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Schmidt, C.; Gottschalk, Matthias; Zhang, Rongqing; Lu, Jianjun
Reconstruction of the redox conditions during formation of rocks and ore deposits often remains a challenging task, particularly if no reactions buff...
Chang, Sung‐Joon; Kendall, Elodie; Davaille, Anne; Ferreira, Ana M. G.
Global tomography models show a large low-velocity anomaly extending from the core-mantle boundary (CMB) beneath South Africa to the upper mantle in ...
Kendall, Elodie; Ferreira, A. M. G.; Chang, S.‐J.; Witek, M. ...
Seismic radial anisotropy is a crucial tool to help constrain flow in the Earth's mantle. However, Earth structure beneath the oceans imaged by curre...