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Nguyen, D.; Merz, B.; Guse, Björn; Han, Li ...
This dataset comprises event peak flows, representing extreme floods at 516 stations in Germany. The data generation process involves several key ste...
Braszus, Benedikt; Rietbrock, Andreas; Haberland, C.; Ryberg, T.
The recent rapid improvement of machine learning techniques had a large impact on the way seismological data can be processed. During the last years ...
Illien, Luc; Sens-Schönfelder, C.
Earthquakes introduce long-lasting transient mechanical damage in the subsurface, which cause postseismic hazards such as enhanced landsliding and ca...
Rossello, Eduardo Antonio; Heit, B.; Bianchi, Marcelo
In the light of the November 30th, 2018 (N30) earthquake activity, some neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires were shaken by a 3.8 mb earthquake ...