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Sert, Muhammed Fatih; Niemann, Helge; Reeves, Eoghan P.; Granskog, Mats A. ...
Hydrothermal vents modify and displace subsurface dissolved organic matter (DOM) into the ocean. Once in the ocean, this DOM is transported together ...
Liu, Jiabo; Nowaczyk, N.; Jiang, Xiaodong; Zhong, Yi ...
Continuous paleosecular variations reconstructed from sedimentary archives have remarkably deepened our insights into the dynamics of the Earth's mag...
Bente, Klaus; Berthold, Christoph; Wirth, R.; Schreiber, Anja ...
Eight late medieval to early modern red beads representative of a total of 41 from a cesspit of the “Fronerei auf dem Schrangen” in Lübeck, Germany,...
Quintanilla, Marta; Hemmer, Eva; Marques-Hueso, Jose; Rohani, Shadi ...
Upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) are well-known for their capacity to convert near-infrared light into UV/visible light, benefitting various applic...