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Zhou, Haoyang; Wirth, R.; Gleeson, S. A.; Schreiber, Anja ...
Recent studies have identified gold nanoparticles in ores in a range of deposit types, but little is known about their formation processes. In this c...
Ghaani, Mohammad Reza; Schicks, J; English, Niall J.
Clathrate hydrates are ice-like, crystalline solids, composed of a three-dimensional network of hydrogen bonded water molecules that confines gas mol...
Hennig, Theresa; Kühn, M.
Multi-component (MC) diffusion simulations enable a process based and more preciseapproach to calculate transport and sorption compared to the common...
Tranter, Morgan A; De Lucia, M.; Kühn, M.
Barite stands out as one of the most ubiquitous scaling agents in deep geothermal systems, responsible for irreversible efficiency loss. Due to compl...