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Leins, Alessio; Bregnard, Danaé ; Vieth-Hillebrand, A.; Junier, Pilar ...
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) can be found in a variety of deep subsurface environments such as sedimentary basins, oil fields and mines. However, t...
Smirnov, Artem; SHPRITS, YURI; Allison, Hayley J.; Aseev, N. ...
In this study we present an empirical model of the equatorial electron pitch angle distributions (PADs) in the outer radiation belt based on the ful...
Kollmann, Peter; Roussos, Elias; Clark, George; Cooper, John F. ...
Saturn is permanently surrounded by 6 discrete proton radiation belts that are rigidly separated by the orbits of its inner moons and dense rings. Th...
Inceoglu, Fadil; SHPRITS, YURI; Heinemann, Stephan G.; Bianco, Stefano
Through its magnetic activity, the Sun governs the conditions in Earth's vicinity, creating space weather events, which have drastic effects on our s...