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Most Recently Released Items

McNab, Fergus; Ball, Patrick
Quantifying the depths and temperatures from which igneous rocks are derived is an important step in understanding volcanic, magmatic and mantle proc...
Leins, Alessio; Vieth-Hillebrand, A.; Günther, K.; Regenspurg, Simona
This dataset comprises 47 fluid samples from 11 geothermal sites (Germany, Austria, Iceland, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, French West Indies). The s...
Greene, Chad; Gardner, Alex; Cuzzone, Joshua
The Greenland Ice Sheet has undergone rapid changes in recent decades, as the ice has grown thinner and outlet glaciers have retreated bit-by-bit. Ca...
Medcraft, Chris; Hernandez-Jaramillo, Diana C.; Harrison, Luke; Braga, Ramon C. ...
Marine cloud brightening (MCB) aims to increase the albedo of low-lying marine clouds by the introduction of additional sea salt aerosol particles (S...