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Rieger, Philip; Magnall, Joseph Michael; Gleeson, S. A.; Lilly, Richard ...
The Carpentaria province (McArthur basin and Mount Isa inlier) in northern Australia is one of the most important districts for clastic-dominated (CD...
Hohf, Michael; Trumbull, R.; Cuadra, Patricio ; Solé, Marco
Tourmaline-cemented breccia bodies host much of the ore in the Río Blanco-Los Bronces porphyry Cu-Mo deposits. We determined the chemical and B isoto...
Günther, Jennifer; Prelević, Dejan; Mertz, Dieter F.; Rocholl, Alexander ...
The origin of Italian kamafugites and lamproites is a matter of debate, not least due to their “crustal signature” displayed by trace element composi...
Wudarska, Alicja; Wiedenbeck, Michael; Słaby, Ewa; Lempart‐Drozd, Małgorzata ...
Here we report on the oxygen isotope compositions of four proposed apatite reference materials (chlorapatite MGMH#133648 and fluorapatite specimens M...