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Song, Minfeng; He, X.; Jia, D.; Xiao, R. ...
This article analyzes the interferometric measurements of ground-based global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs) stations and proposes a novel meth...
Drozdov, A. Y.; Allison, Hayley J.; SHPRITS, YURI; Usanova, M. E. ...
Fast-localized electron loss, resulting from interactions with electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves, can produce deepening minima in phase spac...
Bell, Rainer; Dietze, Michael; Thieken, Annegret; Cook, K. ...
Babeyko, A. Y.; Lorito, Stefano; Hernandez, Francisco; Lauterjung, J. ...
Tsunamis constitute a significant hazard for European coastal populations, and the impact of tsunami events worldwide can extend well beyond the coas...