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Most Recently Released Items

Herrera, Carlos; Cassidy, John F.; Dosso, Stan E.; Dettmer, Jan ...
We ​study the spatial variability of the crustal stress in northern Chile. A margin-parallel compressive crustal stress regime is inferred along the ...
Xu, Qiang; Zhao, Junmeng; Yuan, Xiaohui; Liu, Hongbing ...
The deep crustal deformation in the east Pamir in response to the Cenozoic collision with the Tien Shan and the Tarim Basin is so far poorly constrai...
Kästner, Felix; Klaeschen, Dirk; Berndt, Christian; Pierdominici, S.
Strong anisotropy of seismic velocity in the Earth's crust poses serious challenges for seismic imaging. Where in situ seismic properties are not ava...
Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Holtgrewe, Nicholas; Lobanov, S. S.; Goncharov, Alexander F.
In the phase diagram of water, superionic ices with highly mobile protons within the stable oxygen sublattice have been predicted at high pressures. ...