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Qi, Qi; Bin, Wu; Ying, Ma; Lyuwen, Chen ...
Using high-speed video cameras operating with framing rates of 20 and 50 kiloframes per second, we imaged the attachment process in a positive cloud-...
Lopez Fernandez, Jose Antonio; Luisa, Magalhaes; Esther, Azcue Infanzon; Marcelino, Valdés Pérez de Vargas ...
The Iberoatlantic region (covering mainly Spain, Portugal and west coast of Africa) is a focus of a large variety of geodynamic processes. The meetin...
Kumar, Ankit; Chakrabarty, Dibyendu; Fejer, Bela G.; Reeves, Geoffrey D. ...
A number of minor geomagnetic storms were observed during the period of 21-25 December 2014, and we identified anomalous magnitudes and polarities of...
Wang, Duo; Yuan, Peng; Kutterer, Hansjörg
<!--!introduction!--><b></b><div id="haloword-lookup"><p>In the past three decades, ground-based Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has been u...