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Hu, Shi
In 2017, the Chinese government announced the development of another metropolis called Xiong'an New Area (XNA) to relieve the population and service ...
Bindi, Dino; Spallarossa, Daniele; Picozzi, Matteo; Oth, Adrien ...
As part of the community stress-drop validation study initiative, we apply a spectral decomposition approach to isolate the source spectra of 556 eve...
Lerner, Geoffrey; Williams, George; Meredith, Elinor; Jenkins, Susanna ...
Historical studies are heavily impacted by whose stories are told, who writes them, and how much local perspectives are included. This is true in vol...
Maraszewska, Maria; Majka, Jarosław; Harlov, D. E.; Manecki, Maciej ...
On Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard Archipelago, a set of small iron oxide-apatite (IOA) ore bodies have been discovered within a crustal shear zone, wh...