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Zhang, Wen-Dong; You, Hai-Tao; Li, Bin; Zhao, Kui-Dong ...
The Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley Belt (MLYRB) in South China contains many stratabound Fe-Cu-Pb-Zn deposits hosted in Middle-Upper Carboniferous...
Frey, Matthis; van der Vaart, Jeroen; Bär, Kristian; Bossennec, Claire ...
Deep geothermal energy represents an essential component of the future energy supply because the resources greatly exceed the demand, and the base lo...
Crowley, Helen; Dabbeek, Jamal; Despotaki, Venetia; Rodrigues, Daniela ...
A new European Seismic Risk Model (ESRM20) was recently released to the scientific community (http://risk.efehr.org). This model combines the Europea...
Koroncz, Péter; Vizhányó, Zsanett; Farkas, Marton Pal; Kuncz, Máté ...
The Upper Pannonian (UP) sandstone formation has been utilised for thermal water production in Hungary for several decades. Although sustainable util...