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Di Fiore, Luca; Brunetti, Michele; Baliva, Michele; Förster, Michael ...
Calibrating land surface phenology (LSP) with tree rings is important to model spatio-temporal variations in forest produc- tivity. We used MODIS (r...
Vuillemin, Aurèle; Ariztegui, Daniel; Mayr, Christoph; Lücke, Andreas
Authigenic minerals can form in the water column and sediments of lakes, either abiotically or mediated by biological activity. Such minerals have be...
Vuillemin, Aurèle; Ariztegui, Daniel
Living microorganisms inhabit every environment of the biosphere but only in the last decades their importance governing biochemical cycles in deep s...
Vuillemin, A.; Friese, André; Lücke, Andreas; Bauer, Kohen W. ...
Pore water geochemistry and bulk sediment measurements of downcore profiles covering the upper 100 m-long sequence from site 1A, Lake Towuti, Indones...