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Scheffler, D.; Sips, M.; Behling, Robert; Dransch, D. ...
For more than 40 years, remote sensing satellite missions are globally scanning the earth´s surface. They are ideal instruments for monitoring spatio...
Behling, Robert; Roessner, S.; Golovko, Daria; Kleinschmidt, Birgit
Landslides are a worldwide natural hazard causing thousands of fatalities and severe monetary losses every year. To predict and thus reduce the lands...
Behling, Robert; Milewski, Robert; Chabrillat, S.; Völkel, Jörg
The remote sensing analyses in the BMBF-SPACES collaborative project Geoarchives - Signals of Climate and Landscape Change preserved in Southern Afr...
Ring, Uwe; Glodny, J.; Hansman, Reuben; Scharf, Andreas ...
The Samail Ophiolite in the Oman Mountains formed at a Cretaceous subduction zone that was part of a wider Neo-Tethys plate-boundary system. The orig...