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Wetzel, Andreas; Szczygielski, Agata; Unverricht, Daniel; Stattegger, Karl ...
During times of lowered sea level, Mekong River and Red River incised valleys into the ancient coastal plains of the exposed shelves of the western S...
Steding, Svenja; Kempka, T.; Zirkler, Axel; Kühn, M.
Leaching zones within potash seams generally represent a significant risk to subsurface mining operations and the construction of technical caverns i...
Riekeles, Max; Schirmack, Janosch; Schulze-Makuch, Dirk
(1) Background: Future missions to potentially habitable places in the Solar System require biochemistry‐independent methods for detecting potential...
Zhou, Haoyang; Wirth, R.; Gleeson, S. A.; Schreiber, Anja ...
Recent studies have identified gold nanoparticles in ores in a range of deposit types, but little is known about their formation processes. In this c...