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Ryberg, T.; Geissler, W. H.; Jokat, W.; Pandey, Shantanu
Mohsen, Ayman; Kind, R.; Yuan, X.
The Dead Sea Transform (DST) was formed in the Mid-Cenozoic, about 18 Myr ago, as a result of the breakaway of the Arabian plate from the African pla...
Bonadio, Raffaele; Geissler, Wolfram H.; Lebedev, Sergei; Fullea, Javier ...
Understanding the enigmatic intraplate volcanism in the Tristan da Cunha region requires knowledge of the temperature of the lithosphere and astheno...
Li, Wei; Yuan, X.; Heit, B.; Schmidt‐Aursch, Mechita C. ...
The Bransfield Basin is a young (∼4 Ma) back-arc basin related to the remnant subduction of the Phoenix Plate that once existed along the entire Paci...