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Hutka, Gergö; Cacace, Mauro; Hofmann, Hannes; Zang, Arno ...
The effect of normal stress variations on fault frictional strength has been extensively characterized in laboratory experiments and modelling studie...
Golub, Malgorzata; Koupaei-Abyazani, Nikaan; Vesala, Timo; Mammarella, Ivan ...
Accounting for temporal changes in carbon dioxide (CO2) effluxes from freshwaters remains a challenge for global and regional carbon budgets. Here, w...
Ueyama, Masahito; Knox, Sara H.; Delwiche, Kyle B.; Bansal, Sheel ...
Wetlands are the largest natural source of methane (CH4) to the atmosphere. The eddy covariance method provides robust measurements of net ecosystem ...
Nhung, Le; Männel, B.; Pham, Thanh Hang; Seemala, G. K. ...