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Hejda, Pavel; Valach, Fridrich; Revallo, Milos
Shortly after Gauss's absolute method for measuring magnetic fields was invented (1832), and the bifilar device for observations of the geomagnetic f...
Pyrina, Maria; Wu, Zheng; Bommer, Philine L.; Fernández-Torres, Miguel-Ángel ...
Socioeconomic livelihoods in the Horn of Africa (HA) are highly dependent on seasonal rainfall, which occurs during two main seas...
Issawy, Elsayed; Zahran, Khaled; El-Qady, Gad; Abdelaziz, Ali ...
Lake Nasser, which was formed as a result of the construction of the High Dam, located in southern Egypt and Northern Sudan with a length of 500 km a...
Shevchenko, Alina; Walter, Thomas; Guðmundsson, Magnús; Marzban, Pouria ...
The morphology of Askja caldera walls demonstrates features related to slope instability and permafrost variations that can be linked to each other. ...