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Kalhori, Aram; Wille, C.; Gottschalk, Pia; Li, Zhan ...
The data provided here is an exemplary dataset for the flux site Zarnekow from one year (2018). The complete dataset that is needed to run the codes ...
Kalhori, Aram; Wille, C.; Gottschalk, Pia; Li, Zhan ...
This publication provides the codes produced for the article "Temporally dynamic carbon dioxide and methane emission factors for rewetted peatlands....
Zhuang, Li; Sun, Changlun; Hofmann, Hannes; Zang, Arno ...
Earlier experiments have shown that cyclic hydraulic fracturing (CHF) systematically reduces the monotonic breakdown pressure (MBP). However, cyclic...
Shi, Rui Zhe; ZHAO, JunXing; HE, ChangTong; QIN, KeZhang ...
Qongjiagang pegmatite-type Li deposit in Tibet is the first discovered pegmatite-type deposit with economic value in the Himalayan region, which conf...