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Ehsaninezhad, Leila; Wollin, Christopher; Zali, Zahra; Krawczyk, C.M.
Seismic methods have been widely used to image the subsurface for geological characterization and exploration. Due to the limitation of active experi...
Yu, Ruyang; Shu, Jiang; Fuchs, Sven; Peng, Peng ...
The thermal conductivity of plutonic rocks is essential to accurately estimate the temperature distribution in the earth’s crust and to model heat-re...
Ke, Kuan-Yu; Tilmann, Frederik; Ryberg, T.; Mroczek, Stefan
Geophysical inverse problems (seismic tomography) are often significantly underdetermined meaning that a large range of parameter values can explain ...
Ebrahimian, Hossein; Jalayer, Fatemeh; Maleki Asayesh, Behnam; Hainzl, S.
A powerful seismic sequence struck the Turkey-Syria border on Feb. 6 with three earthquakes having M>6.5. At 01:17 UTC, a M7.8 earthquake occurred th...