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Noe, Sebastian; van Herwaarden, Dirk-Philipp; Thrastarson, Solvi; Fichtner, Andreas
We present the second generation of the Collaborative Seismic Earth Model (CSEM), a multi-scale global tomographic Earth model that continuously evol...
Touzeau, Alexandra; Lanzky, Mika; de Lange, Tor Einar; Roden, Nick ...
Local evaporation in the Arctic is likely to increase with sea-ice retreat in the context of climate change. In parallel, the transport of moisture f...
Boitz, Nepomuk; Shapiro, Serge
Detection and localization of microseismicity is an inevitable task to monitor fluid injections into subsurface rocks during hydraulic stimulations. ...
Prochniewicz, Dominik; Grzymala, Maciej; Wezka, Kinga; Siwiec, Krzysztof
Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS) are widely used positioning tools to monitor and navigate an object in space. The dynamic development of g...