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Most Recently Released Items

Demott, Paul; Hill, Thomas; Swanson, Benjamin; Barry, Kevin ...
The sources and nature of emissions of ice nucleating particles (INPs) to the atmosphere affect aerosol-cloud interactions, precipitation, and climat...
Bednarz, Ewa; Visioni, Daniele; Richter, Jadwiga; Butler, Amy ...
The injection of sulfate aerosol precursors into the lower stratosphere (SAI) has been proposed to mitigate some of the negative impacts of rising gr...
Landerer, Felix; Flechtner, Frank; Save, Himanshu; McCullough, Christopher ...
The GRACE Follow-On mission, a partnership between NASA (US) and GFZ (Germany), reached its nominal five-year mission lifetime in May 2023, and is en...
Zeeden, C.; Ulfers, A.; Pierdominici, S.; Abadi, M. S. ...
Numerous borehole logging datasets gathered for commercial and scientific purposes are available around the globe. However, studies valorising the ch...